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Entrepreneurship – where is it taught best?

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Recently New York Times published an article about the subject. Interest in Entrepreneurship is growing and the study programs are increasingly being offered. Nearly 3000 colleges provide training in the subject.As with every thing American passion for Ranking of the ‘ Entrepreneurship’ programs is existing.

So which school is the right place for those interested in starting their own companies?

Fortune Small Business spent seven months interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, professors, administrators, students and alumni to try to find out.

The magazine answers the question this way: It found that the best places to get an Entrepreneurship education were:


Babson College

Indiana University

Syracuse University

University of Arizona

University of Pennsylvania

Online Education

Boston University

University of Houston

University of Wyoming

Western Carolina University

Cross-Disciplinary Studies


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Wake Forest.

Graduate School



Indiana University




University of Arizona

University of California at Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Pennsylvania

Executive Education





University of Chicago

University of Texas at Austin

Family Business



Kennesaw State University

Loyola of Chicago


University of Texas at El Paso.

DOES PASSION TRUMP ALL? Maybe we have the whole approach to teaching entrepreneurship backward, George Gendron writes in Inc.


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Dont’s while in USA

It’s the time of year when the streets of Morningside Heights, Greenwich Village and a few other neighborhoods are filled with new, unfamiliar faces: college freshmen. Various guides on paper and on the Internet tell these students what they should see and do in their new hometown.

Here, then, is the opposite, from the staff writers of The New York Times: a list of things they should not do.

Don’t fall asleep on the subway

Don’t drink too much beer and use the street as a toilet

Don’t ask a cabbie (or anyone else) to take you to “HUGH-ston” Street

Don’t play chess for money with the hustlers in Washington Square Park

Don’t try to swim in the River

Don’t count on following the highway signs to get to Yankee Stadium.

Don’t spend money on condoms

Don’t order bottled water

Don’t light up in a bar

For an Explanation of the above GO TO