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Schools offering International Affairs Program

Institution School
American University
School of International Service
Carleton University Norman Paterson School of InternationalAffairs
Columbia University School of International and PublicAffairs
Duke University Terry Sanford Institute of PublicPolicy
George Washington University Elliott School of InternationalAffairs
Georgetown University Edmund A. Walsh School ofForeign Service
Georgia Institute of Technology  Sam Nunn School of InternationalAffairs
Harvard University  John F. Kennedy School of Government
Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced I nternational Studies
Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Syracuse University The Maxwell School
Tufts University The Fletcher School of Law andDiplomacy
University of California, San Diego Graduate School of InternationalRelations and Pacific Studies
University of Denver Graduate School of InternationalStudies (GSIS)
University of Maryland School of Public Policy
University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School ofPublic Policy
University of Minnesota Hubert H. Humphrey Instituteof Public Affairs
University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public AndInternational Affairs
University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communications
University of Washington Henry M. Jackson School ofInternational Studies
Yale University The Whitney and BettyMacMillan Center
Department of State National Foreign Affairs TrainingCenter
DePaul University International Studies Program
Florida International University Department of InternationalRelations
Fordham University International Political Economy and Development Program
George Mason University International Commerce andPolicy Program
Howard University Ralph J. Bunche InternationalAffairs Center
Monterey Institute Graduate School of InternationalPolicy Studies
North Carolina State University Department of Political Scienceand Public Administration
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey The Division of Global Affairs
Pepperdine University School of Public Policy
Seton Hall University John C. Whitehead School ofDiplomacy and International Relations
Texas A&M University Bush School of Government &Public Service
Thunderbird Thunderbird, The AmericanGraduate School of International Management
University of Chicago Committee on International Relations
University of Miami Master of Arts in InternationalAdministration Program
University of Oregon International Studies Program
University of Toronto Munk Centre for International Studies

Source APSIA

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English Program Ranking

Ranking of English Programs (5 = highest)

1. Harvard University (MA) 4.8
Stanford University (CA) 4.8
University of California – Berkeley 4.8
Yale University (CT) 4.8
5. University of Chicago 4.7
6. Cornell University (NY) 4.6
Princeton University (NJ) 4.6
8. Columbia University (NY) 4.5
Johns Hopkins University (MD) 4.5
10. University of Pennsylvania 4.4
11. University of California – Los Angeles 4.3
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 4.3
University of Virginia 4.3
14. Brown University (RI) 4.2
15. Duke University (NC) 4.1
University of California – Irvine 4.1
17. University of Wisconsin – Madison 4.0
18. Northwestern University (IL) 3.9
Rutgers State University – New Brunswick (NJ) 3.9
University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign 3.9
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill 3.9
University of Texas – Austin 3.9
23. Indiana University – Bloomington 3.8
University of Washington 3.8
25. New York University 3.7
26. CUNY Graduate School and University Center 3.6
27. Pennsylvania State University – University Park 3.5
University of Iowa 3.5
Vanderbilt University (TN) 3.5
30. Emory University (GA) 3.4
University of California – Davis 3.4
University of California – Santa Barbara 3.4
University of Pittsburgh 3.4
34. Claremont Graduate School (CA) 3.3
Ohio State University – Columbus 3.3
Rice University (TX) 3.3
University of Maryland – College Park 3.3
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities 3.3
39. Brandeis University (MA) 3.2
University at Buffalo (NY) 3.2
University of California – San Diego 3.2
University of California – Santa Cruz 3.2
University of Massachusetts – Amherst 3.2
University of Southern California 3.2
Washington University in St. Louis 3.2
46. Tufts University (MA) 3.1
University of Arizona 3.1
University of California – Riverside 3.1
University of Florida 3.1
University of Illinois – Chicago 3.1
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 3.1
52. University of Colorado – Boulder 3.0
University of Notre Dame (IN) 3.0
54. Boston University 2.9
Michigan State University 2.9
Tulane University (LA) 2.9
University of Oregon 2.9
University of Rochester (NY) 2.9
59. Texas A&M University – College Station 2.8
University of Kansas 2.8
University of Utah 2.8
62. Binghamton University (NY) 2.7
Boston College 2.7
Miami University – OXford (OH) 2.7
Purdue University – West Lafayette (IN) 2.7
SUNY – Stony Brook 2.7
University of Connecticut 2.7
University of Delaware 2.7
University of Georgia 2.7
University of Kentucky 2.7
71. Fordham University (NY) 2.6
Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge 2.6
Syracuse University (NY) 2.6
Temple University (PA) 2.6
University of Missouri – Columbia 2.6
University of Nebraska – Lincoln 2.6
University of Oklahoma 2.6
University of Tennessee – Knoxville 2.6
79. Arizona State University 2.5
George Washington University (DC) 2.5
University of New Mexico 2.5