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The (50) Most Influential Business Thinkers

consulting firm CrainerDearlove surveyed 3,500 people and a panel of experts to
determine the 2009 edition of the Thinkers 50, a biennial list of the most
influential living management thinkers.

more about the list, see on Forbes “The
Most Influential Business Thinkers.”

Rank Name 2007 Rank Country Day Job
1 C.K. Prahalad 1 India/U.S. University of Michigan Academic
2 Malcolm Gladwell 18 Canada New
3 Paul Krugman U.S. Princeton Academic
4 Steve Jobs 29 U.S. CEO of Apple
5 W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne 6 Korea/U.S. Insead Academics
6 Muhammad Yunus Bangladesh Founder of Grameen Bank, Economist
7 Bill Gates 2 U.S. Founder of Microsoft, Philanthropist
8 Richard Branson 9 U.K. Founder of Virgin, Entrepreneur
9 Philip Kotler 11 U.S. Northwestern University Academic
10 Gary Hamel 5 U.S. Co-founder Mlab, Consultant
11 Michael Porter 4 U.S. Harvard Academic
12 Ratan Tata India Chairman of Tata
13 Ram Charan 22 India Executive Coach
14 Marshall Goldsmith 34 U.S. Executive Coach
15 S.Kris Gopalakrishnan India Co-founder and CEO of Infosys
16 Howard Gardner 39 U.S. Harvard Academic
17 Jim Collins 10 U.S. Consultant
18 Lynda Gratton 19 U.K. London Business School Academic
19 Tom Peters 7 U.S. Consultant
20 Jack Welch 8 U.S. Retired Executive
21 Eric Schmidt U.S. CEO of Google
22 Joseph Stiglitz U.S. Columbia Academic
23 Kjell Nordstrom & Jonas Ridderstrale 13 Sweden Speakers and Academics
24 Vijay Govindarajan 23 India/U.S. Academic in Residence for GE
25 Marcus Buckingham 38 U.K. Speaker
26 Richard D’Aveni 46 U.S. Dartmouth Academic
27 Rosabeth Moss Kanter 28 U.S. Harvard Academic
28 Clayton Christensen 25 U.S. Harvard Academic
29 Stephen Covey 15 U.S. Speaker and Author
30 Thomas
26 U.S. New
York Times
31 David Ulrich 42 U.S. University of Michigan Academic
32 Roger Martin Canada Dean of University of Toronto Rotman School
33 Henry Mintzberg 16 Canada McGill Academic
34 Daniel Goleman 37 U.S. Author and Consultant
35 Chris Anderson U.S. Wired Editor-in-chief
36 Warren Bennis 24 U.S. University of Southern California Academic
37 Robert Kaplan & David Norton 12 U.S. Consultants
38 Jeff Immelt 31 U.S. CEO of General Electric
39 Don Tapscott Canada Consultant
40 Nassim Taleb Lebanon Academic
41 John Kotter 30 U.S. Harvard Academic
42 Niall Ferguson U.K. Harvard and Oxford Academic
43 Charles Handy 14 Ireland Author
44 Rakesh Khurana 45 India/U.S. Harvard Academic
45 Manfred Kets De Vries Holland Insead Academic
46 Tammy Erickson U.S. Author and Consultant
47 Costas Markides 44 Cyprus London Business School Academic
48 Barbara Kellerman U.S. Harvard Academic
49 Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones 32 U.K. Academics
50 Jimmy Wales U.S. Co-founder of Wikipedia

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