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Advice for low GRE

People with Excellent Credentials – but, bad GRE scores there is hope for you.

Here is some advice for the people with a low GRE score and have lost hope. This strategy should help.

What if your grades are terrific, your research experience impressive, your graduate essay articulate and your faculty references superb – but, you have low GRE’s?

What should you do?

Should you set your sites on less competitive degrees or is there a strategy that you could use?

Don’t give up hope. Here are a few possible strategies that you might want to consider.

1. Find out which schools do not have cut-offs and apply to them.

2.Decide which school is your very top choice. Once you have decided, contact faculty at that school and seek a research assistant position. After obtaining a position, work as hard as you can. Establish your credibility. Impress the faculty person with your intellect and tenacity. Tell them that you want to be their graduate student and solicit their help in the application process.

3.Take a few years off, work with a renowned researcher. Make it your goal to publish several articles, preferably with at least one first authorship. If your position is at a university, then you can take courses for free. Continue to take courses in statistics. Ask your boss to help you to gain entry into graduate level courses, preferably in the clinical program. Work hard and do well. Seek admission within that program and/or ask the faculty, (who you will impress by out-performing their graduate students) for references.

4. Use email to establish ongoing contact with faculty at your top choice school of interest. Specifically, you may want to establish a dialogue around a mutual research interest. After establishing a relationship with this faculty person seek their advice on your graduate plans.

5.Try taking GRE again

6.Take GRE subject test

Some points Adopted from

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