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Translating between Indian and American English

(If you are not viewing a table click the headline of the article above)

 Food Related
Coriander Cilantro
Cold drink Soda pop
Curd Yogurt
Cafe (“kayf”) Cafe (“kaf-ay'”)
Nes-coffee Instant coffee
Filter coffee Brewed coffee
Milk powder Cream
French beans Snow peas
Hotel Restaurant
Jelly Gelatin
Garam masalla Curry
Lady fingers Okra
Small pastries Lady fingers
Toffee Hard candy
Brinjal Eggplant
Biscuit Cookies/Wafers
Bun Biscuit
(Potato) Wafers (Potato) chips
Finger chips French fries
Groundnuts Peanuts


 Education Related
Public school Private school (tuition charged)
Private school Public school (free)
School High school
College School
University School
High school School/Junior High
Take a class Teach a class
Be a student Take a class
2nd standard 2nd grade
High marks Good grades
Invigilator Proctor
Canteen Cafeteria
Windcheater Windbreaker
Vest Undershirt
Waistcoat Vest
Half-pant Shorts
Purse Wallet
Swim trunks Swim suit
Swim costume Swim suit
 Transportation Related
Traffic signal Traffic light
Boot, dikky Trunk of a car
Bonnet Hood of a car
Petrol pump Gas station
Petrol Gas
Diesel Fuel
Pavement Sidewalk
Footpath Sidewalk
Zebra Crossing Crosswalk
Take a lift Get a ride
Motorcycle Motorbike
Cycle Bike


Football Soccer
American football (rugby?) Football
Solid Substantial
Ltd. Inc.
Transistor Radio
Two-in-One Boom box
Goggles Sunglasses
Cooling glass Sunglasses
Toilet Restroom
Guest house Motel
Current Electricity
$20 Note $20 Bill
Cell Battery
Torch Flashlight
Rubber Eraser
Snap Picture
Photograph Picture
Mixee (?sp) Mixer
Dustbin Trash can
Beggar Panhandler
IBM-Compatible IBM-Clone
Inflammable Flammable
Mess Dorm cafeteria
Hotel Restaurant
Restaurant bill Restaurant check
Picture Movie
Talkies Movies
Lift Elevator
To fix To install
To repair To fix
Pram Stroller
To post (a letter) To mail (a letter)
To submit To turn in
To be out of station To be out of town
A place to park Driveway
A place to drive Parkway
Straight-away Right away
Anticlockwise Counterclockwise
Bunk school Skip class
Passed out Graduated
Fainted Passed out
Ring up (someone) Call up (someone)
The line is engaged It’s busy / I got a busy tone
Push the accelerator Step on the gas
Give the car some race Speed up the car
Get down (from a bus) Get off (of a bus)
Let’s push off Let’s go
Let’s make a move Let’s go
Convince someone Talk someone into
Black money Tax free, undeclared income
Standing from a constituency Running for an election
Issue a book (from the library) Checkout a book (from the library)
How are you? How are you doing?
How is everything? How is it going?
Intimate Inform
(Very Close Relations) (Intimate Relations)
Too good Cool


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