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Towards a more American Conversation

You don’t open conversation (on telephone) with a “Hello” but with a “Hi”

The telephone is never “engaged”, it’s always “busy”.

You don’t “disconnect” a phone, you simply “hang-up”.

You never “mess-up” things, you only “screw them up”.

You never have a “residence” tel. no., you have a “home” no.

You don’t stop at the “signals”, but halt at the “lights”.

You don’t “accelerate”, you “step on the gas”.

Your tire never “punctures”, you may have a “flat”.

The trains have “coaches” or “bogies” no more but “carriages” or “boxes”.

There are no “petrol bunks or pumps”, but “gas stations”.

“I don’t know nothing”, 2 negatives don’t make a positive here.

You no longer meet a “wonderful” person,  you meet a “cool” guy

You don’t pull the “switch down ” to light a bulb, rather “flick it up”.

You don’t “turn on the heat”, you “turn on the juice”.

There’s no “Business Area” only “business districts”, and no “districts” but

No one stays “a stone’s throw away”, might “a few blocks away”.

There’s no “Town Side”, it’s “Down Town”.

In hotel you no longer ask for “bill” and pay by “cheque”, rather  ask for
“check” and pay with (Dollar) “bills”.

There are no “soft drinks”, only “sodas”.

Life’s no longer “miserable” it “stinks”.

You don’t have a “great” time, you have a “ball”.

You  don’t “sweat it out”, you “work U’r butt off”.

Never “post” a letter, always “mail” it and “glue” the stamps, don’t “stick”

You no longer live in “flats” or “blocks”, find an “apartment”.

You don’t stand in a “queue”, you are in a “line”.

You no longer “like” something, you “appreciate” it.

“#” is not “hash”, it’s “pound”.

You are  not “deaf”, you have “impaired hearing”.

You are  not “lunatic”,  you are just “mentally challenged”.

You are  not “disgusting”  you are “sick”.

You can’t get “surprised” you  get “zapped”.

You don’t “schedule” a meeting, you  “skejule” it.

You never “joke”, you  just “kid”.

You never “increase” the pressure, you always “crank” it up.

You never ask for a pencil “rubber”  you ask for an “eraser”.  A “rubber” is a

You don’t try to find a “lift”,  you  find an “elevator”.

You no more ask for a “route” but for a “RAUT”

You don’t ask somebody “How are you  ?”, you  say “What’s up dude?”

You never go to see a “game or a match”, you go to watch a “game”.

You never go to a “theatre” (theatre is a place for dramatic presentations), you
go to the “movies”.

If  you see “World” champions (or Series), read “USA” champions (or Series).

There’s no “zero” but “o”, no “Z” but “zee”.

There’s no “FULL STOP” after a statement, there’s a “PERIOD”.

If someone gets “angry” at you ,  you  get “flamed”.

You don’t say “How do you do”, you say “How you doin”

You don’t call you are  boss “sir”, U call him by his “first name”.

In short, you don’t speak “English”,  you speak “American”.

Well you don’t say life is boring  you  say “LIFE SUCKS!!!”

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