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Some Clear concepts about Financing your education

I have been frequently pointing out that a student’s admission process should not start with the premises that he will go for studies only if financial aid is available.

In my recent postings I have discussed this very elaborately.

Since this is the admission applying season and every body is concerned about financial help given by the universities I will explain this in more details.

Please note that what I am saying is general in nature.

Let us examine the mind of a normal student aspiring to study in America.

1. He wants to go to the best Ranked University. Well who doesn’t?

2. He wants to get financial aid to cover his expenses at least partly if not fully. Tell me a person without this desire.

3.He wants complete security of job placement after the completion of studies.Every body is or should be concerned about it.

The hierarchy of these wants need not be in the order it is mentioned.This will change according to the students circumstances.

1. If a student can afford the expenses his demand for admission in a ranked university becomes primary requirement.

2. If the student cannot afford the costs his requirement for financial aid takes precedent over admission in a top ranked university.

Every applicant can be put in one of the following situations.


1. Admit in a Ranked Univ Can afford it Has perquisites of admission

2. Admit in a Ranked Univ Cannot afford it Has perquisites of admission & Financial Help

3. Admit in a Ranked Univ Cannot afford it Does not have perquisites

# 1 is I’m OK you are OK situation

# 2 is I’m not OK you are Ok situation

# 3 is I’m not OK you are not OK situation

Situation # 3 causes a lot of frustration. Why? Because at this stage the applicant cannot do anything about his credentials.

There are chances that conflict in #1 and #2 may be resolved under certain circumstances.

So my suggestion is that every applicant should put himself in one of the three slots mentioned above and then work out a strategy as to how to succeed.

About Costs or Financial Help

I have been stressing in my mails that getting financial help is very difficult and not readily available unless you adopt some professional method of selling yourself.

However I have also been saying that if a student is determined he can always find ways to overcome the situation.

There are several other means to finance your study please probe them

About Your Specific Questions

There are certain schools offering international students some kind of financial help.

A list of these is given in the files section under business studies folder.However this will be applicable only if you fall under situation #2 above.

Good Luck


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