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Cost of Attending School


(Data Collected in 2005. Please verify and get the latest information from the school’s web site)

UPTO $10,000
1.South Dakota State Univ.
2.University of Georgia
3.Utah State University
4.University of Texas, Elpaso
5.Arizona State University
6.Mississippi State Univ.
7.Louisiana Technological University
8.University of Texas, Arlington
9.University of Wyoming
BETWEEN $10,001- $15,000
1.Texas Technological Univ.
2.New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
3.University of Missouri, Columbia
4.University of Central Florida
5.University of Nebraska, Lincoln
6.Montana State University
7.University of Louisiana, Lafayette
8.Wichita State University
9.Louisiana State Univ, Baton Rouge
10.University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
11.University of Arizona, Tuckson
12.North Carolina A&T University
13.University of Texas, Austin
14.Western Michigan Univ.
15.Tennessee Tech. University
16.Univ. of Texas, Dallos
17.Univ. of Mississippi
18.New Mexico State Univ.
19.Idaho State University
20.Cuny, City College
21.University of Houston, Houston
22.University of North Carolina, Charlotte
23.University of Utah
24.University of Neveda, Reno
25.University of Alabama, Huntsville
26.University of Massachusetts, Amherst
27.University of Missouri, Rolla
28.Michigan Technological University
29.University of Dayton
30.New Jersey Institute of Technology
31.State University of New York – Stony Brook

BETWEEN $15,001- $20,000
1.University of South Florida
2.University of Tulsa
3.University of Alabama, Birmingham
4.University of Maryland, Baltimore Country
5.Iowa State University
6.New Jersey Institute of Tech.
7.Soutern Illinois University Carbondale
8.Marquette University
9.University of Iowa
10.University of Akron
11.University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
12.Portland State University
13.Universtiy of Minnesota, Twin Cities
14.University of Tennessee, Knoxville
15.Texas A&M University, College Station
16.Clemson University
17.Wright State University
18.Suny, College of Enviornment Science & Forestry
19.University of Cincinnati
20.Virginia Polytechnic Univ. & State University
21.University of Hawaii, Manoa
22.Oregon State University
23.Florida International University
24.Michigan State Univ.
25.Georgia Institute of Tech.
26.Illinois Institute of Tech.
27.Howard University
28.Univ.of California, Santa Barbara
29.Rutgers State Univ.of N J
30.George Mason University
31.Univ. of California, San Diego
32.University of South Carolina
33.Northeastern University
34.Ohio University, Athens
35.North Carolina State University , Raleigh
36.Colorado State University
37.Virginia Common Wealth University
38.University of Florida
39.University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
40.Oakland University
41.University of Toledo
42.University of California , Santa Cruz
43.Wayne State University
44.Worchester Polytechnic Institute
45.Pennsylvania State University, University Park

BETWEEN $20,001- $25,000
1.University of Delaware
2.New York State College at Alfred University
3.Univ. of California, Berkeley
4.Univ.of Connecticut, Storrs
5.University of Illinois , Chicago
6.University of Maryland , College Park
7.Purdue University,West Lafayette
8.University of California, Riverside Bourns
9.University of California, Davis
10.Syracuse University
11.University of Washington, Seattle
12.Southern Methodist Univ.
13.Indiana University, Purdue University, Indiana Polis
14.Yale University
15.Rice University
16.University of Southern California
17.University of Wisconsin, Madison
18.University of California, Los Angeles
19.Drexel University
20.Florida Atlantic University
21.Colorado School of Mines
22.University of Virginia

ABOVE $25,000
1.Duke University
2.Auburn University
3.Clarkson University
4.Case Western Reserve University
5.Stevens Institute of Technology
6.University of California, Irvine
7.Catholic University of America
8.Vanderbilt University
9.Ohio State University
10.Lehigh University
11.California Institute of Technology
12.University of Notre Dame
13.Oregon Graduate Institute of Science&Technology
14.University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
15.Tulane University
16.University of Rochester
17.Cornell University
18.Washington University in St. Louis
19.Northwestern University
20.Boston University
21.Harvard University
22.Princeton University
23.Tufts University
24.John Hopkins University
25.Carnegie Mellon University
26.Columbia University
27.Dartmouth College
28.University of Colorado, Boulder
29.Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
30.Massachusetts Institute of Technology
31.Brown University
32.Stanford University

4 Responses

  1. You have Auburn University listed in both the least and most expensive categories. Please review and correct.

  2. Thank you John.

  3. Many, many typos in this list. Please fix them.

  4. Devon
    Thank you.
    This information was collected a few years back and is relevant to out of state students.
    I would have appreciated if you had cited the mistakes
    Let this be a joint effort.

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