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Computer Science Schools with low GRE and Spring Admission

Safe Schools

These schools also have Fall intake

Illinois Institute of Technology – CS

“overall GPA of 3.0/4.0. For the old, pre-October 2002 GRE exam, The minimum required combined GRE score is 1000 (Verbal + Quantitative) and 3.0 (Analytical Writing) for the MSCS program and 900 and 2.5 for the MCS program … satisfying the minimum requirements for admission does not automatically imply admission”

New Jersey Institute of Technology – CS

“3.0 GPA. If an applicant has less than 350 in the Verbal test, the application will be rejected. If an applicant has less than 650 in the quantitative test, the application will be rejected. If an applicant has less than 4.0 in the analytical writing test, the application will be rejected. Other than that, the higher the overall score is, the better. ”

Application Deadlines for the Fall 2006 Semester
Domestic Applicants: Extended to July 15, 2006
Application Deadlines for the Spring 2007 Semester
International Applicants: October 15, 2006
Domestic Applicants: November 15, 2006

University of Houston – CS

“Applicants with an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 (out of 4.0) are encouraged to apply. Average scores of successful applicants to this program for Fall 2004: GRE: 534 verbal, 755 quantitative.”

Fall April 1
Spring October 1

University of Missouri, Rolla – CS

“A minimum GRE verbal score of 370. A minimum combined GRE quantitative and analytic score of 1200 or GRE Quantitative >=600 and AW score >=3.5. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0 or better over the last 2 years.”

Application for Admission
General Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester — July 15
Spring Semester — December 15
Summer Session — May 1
International Student Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester — June 15
Spring Semester — November 15
Summer Session — April 1

University of Wyoming – CS

“‘A minimum combined score (verbal and quantitative) of 900 for master’s applicants and 1000 for doctoral applicants is required. To be considered for admission to graduate study in the department, applicants must achieve a high score on the quantitative portion of the general examination, in addition to meeting the combined score requirements.'”

In order for the Department of Computer Science to process your application materials in time for admission before a given semester, all application materials must be received by March 1st for the Fall and Summer semesters, and by October 1st for the Spring semester.

Auburn University – CSSE

“In general, only students who have at least a 3.0/4.0 undergraduate grade point average will be considered for graduate admission. All applicants must submit a satisfactory score for the general test of the Graduate Record Examination ( GRE) before being considered.”

Application Requirements/Deadline
GPA > 3.0 (typical cases)
GRE general – for all applicants
TOEFL – 550 (or 213 on computer test) minimum for international students
TSE – Test of Spoken English, helpful for graduate teaching assistantship consideration. (international students)
GRE subject (CS) – Not required.

At least three months before the start of a term. International applications must be received 6 months before the start of a term. For Fall semester assistantship consideration, ALL materials must be received by February 15.
University of South Florida – CSE

“A minimum total score of 1200 in the verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (must make at least 500 verbal,) and a minimum grade point average of 3.3 out of 4.0 for all course work completed during the last two years”

University of Texas, Arlington – CSE

“An overall GPA of 3.0. A GPA of 3.2 or higher on CS/CSE related course work in the last two years. A sum of verbal and quantitative GRE scores of at least 1150 for MS. GRE quantitative 700 and GRE verbal 400.”

Difficult However Try a few

Arizona State University – CSE

“The minimum scores we accept for the GRE is 1750: 400 Verbal, 700 Quantitative, and 650 Analytical.”

Application Deadlines:
All paperwork must be submitted the semester prior to the student’s intended enrollment. Our deadline dates for all application materials to be submitted are:
August 1Spring enrollment/Financial Aid
December 1Fall enrollment/Financial Aid
February 1 For consideration for NSF IGERT Fellowship (domestic students only)
Admission for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is very competitive. Each year we receive over 1,900 applications for the Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

College of William and Mary – CS

“Historically, the average scores for incoming (fall) students over several years has been … Verbal 518-561, Quantitative 684-749, Analytical 643-695, Average GPA: 3.29-3.4”

Admission Deadlines
Deadlines for fall admission:
February 1 — begin considering applications
March 1 — to be considered for financial aid
March 15 — for international applicants who need a visa to travel to the US
June 1 — for all other applicants
Deadlines for spring admission:
October 1 — for applicants who need a visa to travel to the US.
November 1 — for international applicants who do not need a visa to travel to the US.

Florida State University – CS

“All students admitted to the program significantly exceed these criteria in at least some areas. The minimum GRE score required for admission to the Department of Computer Science is 1100 (Verbal and Quantitative combined) with a minimum of 650 on the Quantitative. ”

Application Material Deadlines

For International Students and all Students seeking Graduate Assistantships

Fall — First Week in March
Spring — First Week in September
Summer — New Admission Assistantships are not awarded for the Summer term
For U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents and those students not seeking Graduate Assistantships:
Fall — First Week in July
Spring — First Week in November
Summer — Second Week in April

Iowa State University – CS

“3.30 out of a possible 4.00. and ranking in top quartile of the graduating clas. Successful candidates place in the 90th percentile in quantitative and analytical sections when percentiles are reported by ETS.”

Kansas State University

“For M.S. and Ph.D. applicants; minimum GRE scores of 400/700 Verbal, 650/700 Quantitative, and 4.0/4.5 Analytical Writing”

New Mexico State University – CS

“For success in graduate-level Computer Science, a Verbal score in the high 400’s is OK but not good, and 500’s are better (native English speakers should score MUCH higher); the Quantitative and Analytical scores ought to be at least mid-high 600’s, with 700’s being better. “

University of Delaware – CIS

“applicants must obtain a minimum score of 550 on each section of the GRE;”

University of Idaho – CS

“an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher, and a Graduate Record Examination general (aptitude) score of 1200 cumulative for verbal and quantitative and 4.5 for analytical”

University of Illinois, Chicago – CS

“a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and a total score of 1200 or above on the GRE General Exam is acceptable (500+ on verbal, 700+ on quantitative, and 4.5+/6.0 on analytical).”

University of Missouri, Columbia – CS

“A GPA of at least 3.0 (A= 4.0) for the last half of the undergraduate curriculum. The minimum acceptable scores are the 25th percentile on the verbal (GRE -V) part, the 80th percentile on the quantitative (GRE-Q) part, and 4 on the analytical writing part.”

University of Nevada, Reno

“We expect successful students to have raw scores above 700 in the Quantitative and above 670 in the Analytical. Students who score below 400 in the Verbal will find it difficult to complete our graduate program. “

University of New Mexico – CS

“The department has established criteria for the GRE scores of 570 (verbal-native English speakers), 670 (quantitative) and 620 (analytical). These are not hard and fast cutoffs …”

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – CS

“High scores on all three parts of the General Aptitude Test of the Graduate Record Examination are also recommended: a minimum of 80th percentile on the verbal section, 90th percentile on the quantitative section, and 90th percentile on the analytical section or a minimum of 5 on the analytical writing section. In recent years, most entering students have averaged in the 90th percentile or higher on each of the three sections. “

University of Texas, Dallas – CS

“Minimum requirements are: GPA of at least 3.0 (last 60 hours). GPA in quantitative courses of at least 3.3. GRE scores of at least 1200 (verbal + quantitative) or 1800 (verbal + quantitative + analytical) is advisable”

Ohio University – CS “most successful applicants score in the top 25th percentile on the quantitative and analytical writing portions. ”

For international students, due to recent new visa delays, and in order to ensure that we will have adequate time to review your application be sure to get all applications materials to us as soon as possible, but no later than: For Fall quarter admissionJanuary 1
For Winter quarter admission May 1
For Spring quarter admission July 15
For Summer quarter admission November 15

Canadian Univs

University of New Brunswick – CS “normally require a minimum score of 600 for Quantitative Section and a minimum score of 3.5 for the Analytical Writing. … necessary but not sufficient.”

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