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How many students are admitted by each university?


How can we know the number students any university admits each year…especially international students.I mean will there be any specific number seats allocated for a particular branch? If so where can we get these details?

Also, how can we learn how many assistantship positions they offer?


These details are not available from the horses mouth you have to infer from other sources. This blog also provides the information.

Some of the better universities do provide statistics about their acceptance rates,assistantships offered etc on their web sites. You have to make efforts to locate this data.

After a lot of efforts I have arrived at the following conclusions:

1.Data about assistantships,number admitted etc. can be available if you check the web sites of the better universities.

2.Universities which have low acceptance rate or good number of assistantships to offer will only provide this data on their web.This means that only high ranked universities who have some thing to shout about will give you this.

3.Universities tend to admit students from different backgrounds. They will not admit all or majority of students from the same geographical location. They will also not admit majority of students from the same economical background.

4. No consolidated data is available at one point. Especially for graduate students. For undergraduate students this data is available.

US news gives some information but it is mainly about Engineering Programs.

It gives a fair idea about :

The number of people studying in different engineering programs.

It also gives an idea of RAs available in different engineering specializations.

You may also get some figures about the number of international students in these engineering programs.

To this I may add that the requirement for admission of GRE / TOEFL or GPA as mentioned by US News is general for all engineering programs and not for a specified branch.

Similarly the figure about acceptance rate is general.

Good luck


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