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Computer Science Research Work being done at various Universities

Carnegie Mellon University
Complexity and Algorithms, Databases, Programming Languages

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Theory of Computation Group (algorithms, cryptography, complexity, numerical analysis, scientific computing), Databases

University of California-Berkeley
Programming Systems, Database Management Systems, Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods, Theory

University of Illinois -UC
Algorithms and Theory, Databases, Programming Languages, Scientific Computing

Cornell University
Database Systems, Languages and Compilation, Scientific and Parallel Computing, Theory of Computing

University of Texas at Austin
Programming Languages and Implementation, Theoretical Computer Science, Scientific Computing

University of Washington
Data Management and Intelligent Internet Systems, Software Engineering, Theory of Computation

Princeton University
Computational Science, Computer Security, Programming Languages and Systems, Theory

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Computer Security, Database Systems, Optimization, Numerical Analysis, Performance Analysis, Programming Languages and Compilers, Theoretical Computer Sciences

Georgia Institute of Technology
Database Systems, Software Engineering, Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, Programming Languages

University of Maryland-College Park
Algorithms and Theory of Computation, Databases, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Numerical Analysis, Systems

Brown University
AI, Systems, Theory

University of California-LA
Theory, Database, Web Information Systems

Rice University
Algorithms and Complexity, Programming Languages, Systems

University of North Carolina
Algorithms and Complexity, Databases and Data Mining, Programming Language Design and Implementation, Real-time Systems, Software Engineering and Environments

University of Pennsylvania
Databases and Data Management, Programming Languages, Theory (algorithms, complexity, logic and computation)

Columbia University
Algorithms, Complexity, Cryptography, Databases, Numerical Analysis, Randomness and Computation, Scientific Computation, Software Development Environments, Software Engineering

Duke University
Algorithms, AI, Scientific Computing

Harvard University
AI and Computational Linguistics, Languages, Compilers & Tools, Theory of Computation

Purdue University
Computational Science and Engineering, Databases, Information Security and Assurance, Programming Languages and Compilers, Software Engineering, Theory of Computing and Algorithms

University of California-San Diego
Algorithms and Complexity, AI, Data and Knowledge base Systems, Networking and Cryptography, Software Engineering, Systems and Networking

Yale University
Algorithms and Complexity, Computer Systems and Networking, Programming Languages and Compilers, Scientific Computing and Applied Math, Security and Cryptography

University of Virginia
Programming Languages, Security, Software Engineering

Johns Hopkins University
Algorithm Design and Analysis, Programming Languages, Cryptography and Information Security, Secure and Robust Systems, Fault Tolerant Computing

New York University
Algorithms and Theory, Programming Languages and Compilers, Scientific Computing

Rutgers State University
Algorithms, optimization and theoretical computer science; Scientific Computing, Modeling and Simulation; Computer and Software Systems

SUNY – Stony Brook
Algorithms and Complexity, Computer Systems, Database, Languages and Systems

University of California- Irvine
AI, Databases and Information Structure, Internet Technology and Applications, Software Engineering, Systems Software, Theory: Algorithms and Data Structures

University of Utah
Systems and Languages, Computational Science and Engineering

Ohio State University
AI, Software Engineering, Systems

Penn State University
Algorithms and Complexity, Numerical and Scientific Computing, Programming Languages

University of Arizona
Algorithms, Databases, Programming Languages and Compilers, Software Engineering

University of Chicago
Theory of Computing, AI, Programming Languages, Systems, Computational and Applied Math

University of Colorado
AI, Databases, Numerical Analysis, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Theory of Computing

University of Minnesota
Algorithms, AI, Compilers, Databases, Internet Computing, Numerical Analysis, Programming Languages, Scientific Computation, Software Engineering, Theory of Computation

Washington University
AI, Computer Systems, Software Systems, Computational Science

Indiana University-Bloomington
AI, Database and Information Systems, Theory of Computing, Algorithms, Applied Logic, Programming Languages and Compilers

University of California- Davis
Databases, Languages, Security, Theory

University of Rochester
Systems, Theory

Virginia Tech
Software Engineering (scientific computing, digital libraries, problem-solving environments)

Dartmouth College
Algorithms, Security

University of Florida
Computer Systems, Database and Information Systems, Applied Algorithms,

Michigan State University
Software Engineering and Databases

North Carolina State University
Algorithms and Theory of Computation, Information and Knowledge Management, Scientific and High Performance Computing, Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Algorithm Design and Theory, Computational Science and Engineering, Numerical Analysis, Data Science, Generic Programming

Texas A&M University-College Station
Foundations of Computing, Information, Software, Software Engineering, Systems, Security

University of California-Santa Barbara
Computational Science and Engineering, Distributed Systems and Databases, Theory of Computation

University of Pittsburgh
Algorithms and Theory, Architectures and Compilers, Information and Data Management

Arizona State University
Algorithms, AI, Database Systems, Software Engineering

SUNY – Buffalo
Algorithms and Theory, Computer Security and Information Assurance, Databases and Data Mining, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Programming Languages and Software Systems

University of California -Santa Cruz
Algorithms, Logic and Complexity, Security, Systems, Databases, Programming Languages, Software, Web and Internet Engineering

University of Illinois
Database and Information Systems, AI, etc (a lot of DB related stuff)

Boston University
Cryptography and e-Security, Programming Languages, Database and Data Mining, Internet Programming

Iowa State University
Algorithms, AI, Computational Complexity, Database Systems, Software Engineering and Programming Languages

OGI School of Science & Engineering
Databases and object-oriented systems, Programming language technology and formal methods

University of Delaware
Theory, Scientific Computation

University of Iowa
Database and Emerging Applications, Computer Software

Vanderbilt University
Algorithms, Model-Integrated Programming, Nano Technology, Software Engineering

Case Western Reserve University
Data Mining and Visualization

Northeastern University
Adaptive, Object-Oriented, Aspect-Oriented, and Component-Based Programming; Database; Scientific Computing, Programming Languages, Software Engineering

University of Tennessee
Algorithms and Computability, AI, Scientific Computing, Software Engineering

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