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Can Indian Lawyers Practise in UK ? Part 2

Excerpt of an interview with Sir Michael Arthur, UK High Commissioner to India

Sunday, October 3, 2004, Chandigarh, India

Q: Will Britain permit Indian lawyers to practice in the UK as the British law firms have been demanding opening up of Indian courts for British lawyers under the WTO framework?

A: Indian lawyers can already practice in the UK (except for advocacy in court). Many do, and have practices in both countries. British lawyers want reciprocity here. But in reality that work in India will be off-shore work — advising Indian clients on British and international commercial law. They are not interested in advocacy work. When you decide to open up the legal services here, you will find British law firms employing many Indian lawyers. India is internationally competitive in services. This is an opportunity for Indian lawyers, not a threat.

4 Responses

  1. I think that Indian Lawyers can practice in UK despite the fact that their counterparts would be having a tough time to practice in India

  2. sir
    I am law graduate from India and has done Diploma in labour laws and now wants to practise with any UK firm > Pl let mr know the procedures

  3. WTO Framework will be used for the its best interest by the Bar Council of India(BCI), which is highly cautious to protect the interest of its member-lawyers. In the recent visit of Lord Woolf representing Brussels proposing EU Lawyers to allow practise in India is the best demonstrated example. Being a Lawyer on the Rolls of BCI, I feel that firstly the know how of European Law in India to be spread alongwith the benefits that will be subscribed by Indian Lawyers including Indian people at large must be clearly demonstrated by the EU Leaders. On the other hand, satisfying QLTT requirement by Indian Lawyer is good but not sufficient to get employment in any English firm. Indian Lawyers have appropriate skills but can gain only if EU Law is properly disseminated through appropriate material supply and information distributed at the best prices (not highly priced as in the EU where becoming Lawyer is highly time-consuming process and also involves spending huge money). This has to be understood by European counterparts. The entry barrier in Civil Law country member to enter its own Law Society is difficult. This clearly contradicts Indian Bar Council System for admission of Advocates. The quality front of lawyers is maintained by free right and true democratic system. The reference may be made to the growing number of Overseas students getting training in India as reported by Kluwer Law International. This is quite reasonable demand proposed to be considered by Brussels so as to seek BCI’s positive response.

  4. sir,

    i’m a law graduate and pursuing diploma in intellectual property laws and now want to practice with a uk firm.
    please lemme know the procedure.

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