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Schools That Require or Recommend Computer Science Subject Test – Part 2


Georgia Institute of Technology

For the MS application, scores from the Computer Science Subject Test are required .
For the PhD application, scores from the Computer Science Subject
Test OR any other area test are recommended, but not required.


Univ. of Maryland-College Park

The Subject (advanced) GRE is not essential but recommended, especially if your CS background is not very strong.


Brown University

Also Check

Subject GRE scores: The subject test scores are most useful when
they are from the computer science exam. While we do not require subject test
scores, the test provides an additional objective form of evaluation that is
often helpful in determining an applicant’s abilities.
GRE Subject (Computer Science) Exam (recommended but not required)


Univ. of California-Los Angeles

GRE scores on both the General (Aptitude) test and the Subject (Advanced)
test are required for admission to both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs.
If necessary, GRE booklets can be obtained from any college or
university bookstore. The (Advanced) test should be taken in Computer Science
(preferred) or in Mathematics. All students applying for Fall should take
the GRE tests no later than December. Applicants for Winter should take the
GRE tests no later than October.
Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Doctoral Degree
Admission In addition to meeting the requirements of the Graduate
Division, applicants to the Master of Science programs in Computer Science are
required to take the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination
In addition, applicants are required to take the Subject Test in
Mathematics or Computer Science.


Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor
The GRE subject test is not required.


Rice Univ.(TX)
Applying for both the MCS and the MS
Q: Can I apply to both the MCS and MS degree programs?
A: Yes. However, please be aware that a GRE Subject test in either
science, math, or engineering is required for all MS/Ph.D
Although the subject test is recommended, it is not required for
those applying to the MCS program.

GRE subject exam
Q: I am a Ph.D applicant, but lack a GRE subject test score. Can I
apply as
an MS candidate instead?
A: The GRE subject test is required for both MS and Ph.D

GRE subject test waivers
Q: Can the GRE subject test be waived?
A: The decision to waive the subject test requirement is at the
of the graduate admissions committee.


Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Although GRE Advanced Test scores are not required, applicants are
encouraged to take the advanced test in computer science,
engineering, or physics, as appropriate.


Univ. of Pennsylvania

The GRE subject test is not required
the subject GRE is not required.
The GRE subject test is not required.


Columbia Univ. (NY)

Q. Is the GRE Subject Test required for admission?
A: No, the subject test – in computer science or related
disciplines — is not required but may be submitted to strengthen your application.
I have my valid General GRE scores but have not taken the Subject
test yet.
Can I still apply? Will my application be considered incomplete
without the Subject GRE score? Can the requirement for Subject GRE or General
GRE be waived if these exams are not administered in my country in the near
General GRE scores are required: your application will absolutely
*not* be
considered without them. The Subject GRE policy is more flexible. If
cannot take this exam (for example, because the exam is not
administered in
your country this year), please note the reasons in the text box
that we
have included for exactly this purpose in the online application
form, in
the “Test Scores” section. Listing your reasons in that text box is
sufficient, so please do *not* contact us asking for an
explicit “waiver” or
special consideration. Finally, if you are unable to take the
Science exam, but have taken a Subject GRE exam in a related area
Math, Physics, or Engineering), please report these scores in your


Duke Univ.(NC)

Test required – GRE General. GRE Subject in CS recommended for Ph.D.


Purdue Univ.-West Lafayette(IN)

Graduate Record Examination. We do not require any GRE test.
GRE scores are not required.


Univ. of California-San Diego

It is also recommended, but not required, that applicants take the
Computer Science GRE Subject Test.
The evaluation process for applications is extremely complex, taking
into account all the materials submitted with the application. Grade point
average (GPA), GRE scores, GRE subject test (optional, but
TOEFL (for international students), letters of recommendation, and
statement of purpose all play a role. First, the UCSD Graduate Admissions
Office evaluates each application to determine whether or not their minimum
standards for admission have been met. Then the CSE Department does
a more
thorough evaluation in a committee consisting of several faculty.
Sometimes the committee must draw on the experience of the faculty at-large to
make and informed decision.

The computer science Subject Test is recommended, but not required
relevant subject tests may also be taken, such as in math or one of
physical or natural sciences).


Univ. of Massachusetts,Amherst
Q. Is the GRE subject test required?
A. The GRE subject test is strongly encouraged.

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