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‘DataQuest’ 2007-Rankings of Indian Engineering Schools

Tracking the growth and analysis the present scenario of IT training and development in India, is the third Dataquest-IDC Survey of the top T-Schools in India.
For the past two years Dataquest, in conjunction with IDC, has been conducting a nationwide survey of the various tech schools and colleges in India.

All the institutions-technology and engineering colleges-are then ranked based on composite scores that are arrived on the basis of quite a few parameters including campus placements, infrastructure, academic environment, industry interface.

Rank Institute

1 IIT-Kharagpur
2 IIT-Madras
3 IIT-Mumbai
4 IIT-Delhi
5 IIT-Roorkee
6 IIT-Guwahati
7 IIT-Kanpur
8 NIT-Warangal
9 IIIT-Hyderbad
11 BITS-Pilani
12 NIT-Tiruchirappalli
13 IIIT-Allahabad
14 Jadavpur University
15 NIT-Calicut
16 NIT-Rourkela
17 MNNIT-Allahabad
18 Thapar University*, Patiala
19 BIT-Mesra, Ranchi
20 NIT-Hamirpur (HP)

For Other Rankings and complete Report Go To

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Ranking of Indian Engineering Colleges

14 Responses

  1. BITS Pilani Rajasthan Towering above the Rest in India Today

    There is an age old saying that Sun, Moon and Truth are the three things that cannot be hidden for too long and its time to know the truth about BITS Pilani.

    The no compromise on merit stand taken by BITS Pilani, in the context of reservation fire raging the length and breadth of India has been lauded by one and all. Every student of BITS Pilani understands that Future indeed belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and a dreamer is one who can find his way through the night of a new moon day and see the dawn before the rest of the world.

    The task of a University is the creation of future and no university in the world has ever risen to greatness without a correspondingly great library and the magnificent Library at BITS Pilani will tell you the obvious.

    BITSians have time and again proved that they do not shirk from putting their best foot forward to march out boldly and seize the opportunities to face the challenges head on. It’s indeed a matter of pride that in the BITS IIT category, about 20% of the winners of the Aditya Birla Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Scholarship so far are from BITS Pilani alone.

    A successful entrepreneur requires Resource mobilization acumen, Negotiation Skills, Information Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Decision Making Skills and Communication Skills apart from Ability for Leadership, Time, Stress and Project Management. The broad based integrated and interdisciplinary approach of education at BITS, Pilani gives ample opportunities from admissions to graduations for developing such skills and acquiring such ability to ensure that winning in tough situations becomes a way of life for the students of the Institute as well as meeting challenges and facing unknown situations are part of the rich experience they accumulate. In short BITS system imparts you the Never Say Die Attitude and Hunger for the Impossible.

    While countless seminars, workshops, conferences and symposia for years have paid lip service to fostering university – industry linkages, BITS Pilani has set the benchmark and is way ahead of others in successfully implementing the same in India Today through Practice School and work integrated learning programmes.

    BITS Pilani also offers an array of work integrated learning programmes for HRD of a vast spectrum of Indian corporates which include HCL Chennai & Bangalore, Accenture Bangalore, Essar Power Hazira, NTPC, Texas Instruments Bangalore, GRASIM Nagda, Patni Pune & Mumabi, CDC Delhi, CFCL Kota, IIQM Jaipur, Valtech Bangalore, Qualcomm Bangalore, Hindustan Zinc Udaipur, Bombay Hospital Mumbai, CMC Vellore, NCSM Kolkata, WIPRO Bangalore, NDPL Delhi, Satyam Hyderabad, Intel Bangalore, CTS Chennai, BDL Hyderabad, DELL Bangalore, Strides Arco Bangalore, DR Reddy’s Hyderabad, Ashok Leyland Chennai & Hosur, Hindalco Renukoot, Bharat Forge Pune, Honeywell Bangalore, Tech Mahindra Pune, THDC Tehri. When it comes to reaching work integrated learning programmes, BITS Pilani has always been in the forefront for the past three decades.

    Graduates from BITS Pilani are swelling in numbers from Wall Street to Dalal Street advising companies on multibillion dollar mergers and acquisitions, financing new companies, acquiring mature businesses and much more.

    Some of the illustrious alumni from BITS Pilani include Texas Pacific Vivek Paul, Bharat Forge Baba Kalyani, iFlex Rajesh Hukku, Onida Gulu Mirchandani, Simputer Vijay Chandru, Dabur Sunil Duggal, NetCustomer Punita Pandey, SAIL Sushil Kumar Roongta, ATA Airlines Subodh Karnik, Intel Sunit Rikhi, Penguin authors Shashi Warrier and Dilip D’Souza, Film Stars Anu Hassan and Divya Kaniha, ace film director 16 December fame Mani Shankar, UN FAO Prabhu Pingali, Verizon Wireless Ajay Waghray, Cairn India Ajay Gupta, SGX Ramaswami, Perot Anurag Jain, HEC ranchi GK Pillai and many more

    BITS Pilani is just not a T school or IT School but an institution which knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

    The weekly Newsmagazine Outlook in its June 11, 2007 issue has put BITS Pilani right on top of the private engineering colleges in India today. For the Corporate HR Perception parameter, the Dataquest IDC Best Tech School survey 2007 has put BITS Pilani right on top of all the institutions excluding the IITs.

    Public is wondering as to why BITS Pilani did not figure in the India’s Best Colleges Survey reported in June 4, 2007 issue of India Today magazine.

    For the academic year 2004-2005 BITS Pilani admissions were based on the normalized percentage of marks and when this fact was known to everyone across the length and breadth of India, the Magazine India Today went about ranking the best colleges stating that BITS Pilani admissions were based on an entrance examination. One can easily conclude as to whose credibility is at stake in this episode.

    In the case of News, one should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation. Considering that the principles of good journalism are directed toward bringing the highest quality of news reporting to the public, thus fulfilling the mission of timely distribution of information in service of public interest, it must be made known that BITS Pilani stopped participating in the India Today ranking of India’s best colleges for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani isone among the top ranking universitiesin India today offering degrees in Engineering, Management, Economics, Pharmacy, Sciences, Engineering Technology, Information Systems, General Studies, Finance, etc presently at Pilani, Dubai, Goa campuses and in the near future at Hyderabad campus. BITS Pilani also offers an array of work integrated learning programmes for HRD of a vast spectrum of Indian corporates.

  2. hey..
    may i know as one of the most premier institute of india..
    why it is not in top 10 nor top 20…
    how have u given the ranking…
    may i know abt it???

  3. Hi Partha Sarthy

    You have wasted your time by writing so much facts about BITS Pilani …
    Everybody knows what it is … Any institute dosen’t need any sort of ranking
    to prove its worth and standing … So please chill out …

  4. can you tell me any thing about the rankings of colleges in ip university

  5. may i know where vit stands microsoft took one of our colligue for 9.12lakhs

  6. i am a student of jadavpur university…m studying in electrical engg department
    with full full honesty and sincerity i would like to leave some of my questions……..

    j.u. is one of the oldest colleges in india and has a faculty which is at par with the iits
    but on the other side the placement ,infrastructure and the quality of students is no where near the likes of iits,nit trichy,warangal,surathkal,bits,or dce

    in many surveys i hv seen it performing highly
    but by no means it deserves to be above these colleges

  7. I am not sure why people should worry about the rankings at all. A ranking of the tech institutes seems to be out place.
    Let me explain the point.

    1. Facilities – A big parameter used for ranking is often facilities. But for an undergraduate education none of these “high tech “facilities really matter. Those who have been through udergrad education knows that the necessary labs are not so high tech and it can be provided without much funding. I don think any of the institutes that has been “ranked” in top 50 or 100 lack any of these basic infrastructure needed in terms of labs or library or computers needed for an undergraduate education.
    These facilities become important at grad level and even IISc lacks a good grad education system. So facility is not a big deal in any of these institutes

    2. Faculty – Faculty is selected based on the criteria set by AICTE, which directs to have Phd holders to be in different grades of professor. You can go through the list of all these institutes and see who all are lacking that. Most of them dont lack that!
    So in terms of faculty none of these institutes are behind. Then why is faculty important? They become important when they do research..
    And the story of research in any Indian institute including IISc is pathetic. You don have to beleive me, just go to the faculty websites of these institutes and count the number of “INTERNATIONAL” journal publications they made in last 5-10 years, it cannot be compared with that of a chineese or Korean institute even! Basically all the profs enjoy their job like a “govt” employ, being lazy and doing nothing, except a few here and there. As an undergrad you don have to worry abt research coz unless u get to masters level u wont be in a position to start a research. So faculty is not a worry in any of these institutes and there is no point in a ranking based on faculty unless they do research.

    3. Student Input – This is what really makes the difference in any institute. The alumni of IIT or any big institute acheived great heights not bcoz they belonged to IIT its coz they are really talented. It doesnt really matter where the talent is nurtured whether in IIT or a college near ur house, a talented guy will allways stand out. You can have tons of examples of ppl who did not go to IIT, but became great!
    So, if you have confidence that you can become a great engineer you dont have to be in IIT. Just nurture the passion and keep learning, IITs do not do anything special, its jus that students are in a highly competitive environment(bcoz all the 100 students in class are equally good) that they are forced to work hard. You don need that if you are really passionate about being an engineer, coz its a skill that you need to develop by working hard. After all engineering is about solving real issues, not writing exams! If you could fix your computer or work with electronics when u wer in high school then it means you have a talent, u jus have to nurture it.

    Any young student out there who is reading these ranking, please dont get carried away, I have done my undergrad in one of these highly ranked institutes and I found out that except than posing a high profile they do not do anything to nurture the talent in you. So all that matters is the passion you have to become an engineer. If you work hard then jobs or grad schools will come looking for you! Please dont follow the some agencies criteria to choose a college..if you are so particular about rankings, find out wat grade AICTE gave the college, that will be good enuf.
    What you need to look for is whether the college is good to give u a playground to nurture ur talent , believe me there are tons of institutes that can do that. DOnt find an institute which is lacking even the basic facilities, for undergrad all u need jus basics.

    In the end its all depending on you, not the name of the institute or its rank. Getting inside any of these institutes doest guarantee a bright future or being unable to go to one of them doesnt mean you lost the battle, its all about how passionate you are in becomin an engineer!

    These rankings look stupid, if they hav to be ranked they must be ranked in terms of the research contributions. What did IIT or IISc contribute to our country in terms of research? Compare that with MIT or Cambridge or ETH Zurich.

    So friends, don get carried away by these rankings they r stupid, find an institution that can give u all basic requirements and work hard and be passionate of becoming a good engineer.

  8. our ancestors say that a wise person maintains silence and keenly observes the developments.
    this is what BITS has been doing so far.But unfortunately the “calm disposition ” is now being misunderstood .
    What has been the congregation point for the board toppers since ages …
    What has been hailed by the “AGNI-MAN”(Dr.A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM)
    as one of the premier educational institutes in the whole world does not require any rankings to proove its mettle.
    All those tea time magazines that have been ranking obscure engineering colleges above IITs and BITS are themselves
    playing havoc with their existence.
    It is indeed high time to ignore such ridiculous magazines who
    instead of possesing a meticulous approach are busy churning out cheap money through con-business.
    So,all the best for your survival….

  9. Hi
    In response to what G says about the research at IIT as compared to institutes like MIT or Stan …
    I could not resist myself from taking a comparative note of research being done at IIT/IISc and other indian institutes. Other than IIT/IISc there is no research at all. This is not any claim based on hollow facts but based on inputs given to me by my friends who have spend their fours years in different colleges.

  10. we dont see a nitk surathkal over here.

  11. your ranking of colleges is really absurd

  12. dont u think that thapar university is not evaluated corectly.
    thapar is one of the oldest engg inst. of our country.
    according to me it should be given rank in first 5.

  13. Research should play an important role in the ranking.. Only IITs and IISc and probably BITS do some research and if you consider the top in the world, even the best IIT in India stands some where near 140 to 160. Just imagine how much does this country have to grow! Instead of quibbling over petty issues like why your college is not in the top 1000 in India. try to focus on real issues.

  14. i m frm ìit delhi. I am shockd 2 see dat sm premier clgs like punjab engg coleges and IcfaiTech,Dehradun are misng in d list.

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