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More on GPA

Q1 I am a student of IP university, Delhi and have completed my BIS hons. I have taken my GMAT and got a score of 660.
First of all could you please tell me how do I calculate my GPA from mark sheets.

I have been frequently writing that the applicants need not convert their marks into GPA pattern.

You will not be able to calculate this correctly.

Every university has it’s own people who are trained on this and they do it. Let me also add that each university also has it’s own set norms for conversion. So please do not attempt the conversion.

Suffice it to say that if you have good scores in your home country then it will be treated as such by the universities.

To this I would also add that

If you have scores of 75% – 80% or above than only attempt for universities ranked 1-10.

If your score is 70-75% than only try universities ranked 11-30.

If you have grades 65-70% try for universities ranked 31-50.

Most of the other universities want a score above 60%.


1.Academics is one aspect there are other things in the APPLICATION MIX which are seen by the admission committee. It means that if a candidates has less than 80% he can still be admitted to a university ranked 1-10 if his other factors in the mix are strong. The same applies for other groups mentioned above.

2.There are universities which admit candidates with less than 60% marks. You have to find them.


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