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Schools That Require OR Recommend Biological Science Subject Test

GRE subject test is required by the following universities for their graduate biology programs:

1. Stanford University. YES for Doctorate.

School of Humanities and Sciences.

2. Harvard University. YES

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

3. University of California–Berkeley

Graduate Division, College of Letters and Sciences. YES for Doctorate

Dept. of Integrative Biology

4. Johns Hopkins University. YES for Doctorate.

Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

5. Princeton University. YES for Doctorate.

6. Duke University. YES for Doctorate.

7. Columbia University. YES

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

8. Cornell University. YES

9. University of California–San Diego. YES

Graduate Studies and Research

10. Washington University in St. Louis. YES for Doctorate

11. University of California–Los Angeles. YES

12. University of Pennsylvania. YES Doctorate

13. Baylor College of Medicine. YES for Doctorate

14. University of California–Davis. YES Doctorate

Graduate Group in Cell and Developmental Biology

15. Vanderbilt University (TN). Recommended for Doctorate.

16. University of California–Irvine. YES

17. University of Virginia. YES

College of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

18. Case Western Reserve University. YES

19. Dartmouth College. YES

20. Carnegie Mellon University. YES for Doctorate.

21. Rutgers State University–New Brunswick. YES

22. University of Massachusetts–Amherst. YES

23. University of Pittsburgh. YES

24. University of Rochester. YES

25. New York University YES for Doctorate.

Graduate School of Arts and Science

26. University of Illinois–Chicago. YES

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

27. Arizona State University. YES

28. Boston University. YES

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

29. University of Connecticut. YES

30. University of Kansas. YES

31. University of Miami. YES

College of Arts and Sciences

32. Washington State University. YES

33. University of California–Santa Cruz. YES

34. Colorado State University. YES

35. Syracuse University. YES

36. University of Notre Dame. YES

37. Boston College. YES

38. Wake Forest University. YES

39. College of William and Mary. YES

40. Rutgers State University–Newark. YES for Doctorate

41. Temple University. YES

42. University of Delaware YES

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