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Canadian Visa Checklist

The # 1 requirement is unconditional offer of acceptance from a Canadian college or university


Affidavit of support from sponsors – This should cover the following points:
1. Sponsor’s relationship with the student,
2. Program of study & duration of program to be taken up by the student
3. Amount of money the sponsor is willing to provide the student
4. Sponsor’s source of income and details of family (how many dependants does the sponsor have etc)
Proof of income of Sponsor if he/she is salaried professional:
Appointment letter from company
Salary certificate
Income Tax Returns for the last three years
Chartered Accountant’s valuation of assets
Bank savings should be documented by the following papers:
1. Letter from bank manager stating the account number, name of person operating the
account and account balance as of date.
2. Detailed statements/passbooks showing transactions for at least a year (any large deposits/debits will need to be explained by supporting documentation)
Details of any other investments/stocks/shares/bonds/fixed deposits
Fixed assets – property (land deed, valuation certificate) and car (insurance papers)
Proof of Income of Sponsor if he/she is in Business
Proof of business – registration papers of the company or partnership agreement
Chartered Accountant’s valuation of assets
Balance sheets of the company for the last three years
IT Returns for the last three years
Statement of current account in the bank. Statement should go back at least a year, if not more.
Proof of liquid assets like shares, stocks, other investment
Proof of fixed assets – property (land deed, valuation certificate) car (car insurance papers).
Funds must show that there is enough money for the first year’s tuition fees (amount as specified by the institution) + 1 Year’s living costs (approx. 10,000 CD$). Together with this, the sponsor should show a consistent source of income to support the subsequent year (s) of the student’s education in Canada

English Skill,Tests and other requirements

TOEFL scores UNLESS the student has a letter from the university saying the candidate’s application has been reviewed and he does not need to take the TOEFL
GMAT/Any other test that he is required to do
Marksheets/Academic Transcripts
Copies of his/her marksheets of board/university examinations
Statement of purpose – this document should list out student’s reasons (in a clear, concise manner) for choosing to study in Canada and future plans in India after he/she
completes their education in Canada.
Optional Documents (only for candidates who already have them)
Work experience certificates
Letter from his/her employer granting leave,
If student has arranged employment with any company on his/her return, then they could show the letter of employment.

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