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A novel way to cut your study expenses

It is quite common for students to seek admission to 4 year institutions for visa purposes and transfer out to a community college or a less expensive college after their first semester.

There is the perception that a student visa to attend a 2 year community college would be rejected.
These students, thus obtain a student visa based upon admission to a 4 year institution and then transfer out after the first term to community colleges around the USA.

Some XXX undergraduate students were recruited over the past 3 semesters from a country in Asia.
Soon after they arrive on campus,
1. They freely admit that their intent is to study only one semester there.
2. They have plans to transfer to community colleges, usually located in large cities, after their first semester.
3. When asked why they chose the first college, they indicated that it was one of the colleges which has the reputation of resulting in a successful visa application.
4. When asked why they are transferring to a community college, the answer has been that its cheaper and that they had friends/relatives nearby.
5. Some admit freely that the community college being in a large urban area afforded them the opportunity to work off campus, and such jobs were easy to find.
6.When asked why they would not stay, they say they could not afford the larger college.
(Adopted from the web)

One Response

  1. Very interesting article, I was not aware of such a thing and am going to check with our local community college – I know we do have a lot of students from other countries but never thought about how they got to our college.

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