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General Tips for Selection of Universities

Please note that the rankings pertain to Program Rankings
As a precautionary measure you must verify the requirement of GPA most of the universities from 1-80 rank require a first class from Indian Students.

Rank 1- 20
Top ranked graduate schools generally give a lot of importance to academic performance as compared to GRE scores. Good under graduate GPA and impressive research credentials are a must. Best chances for the top 3 in a class.
Who should Apply?
GPA > 3.8 GRE > 1500.
A class position. Published research papers.

Rank 21 – 50
Graduate schools in this range are a safe bet for students with a decent academic record and GRE scores. Excellent GRE scores can make up for a slightly low GPA.
Research credentials do improve your chances.
Who should Apply?
GPA > 3.5 GRE > 1400
GPA > 3.3 GRE > 1500.
A good project work or a published paper.

Rank 51 – 80
Students with just reasonable academic record and good grades in courses specific to your field of interest stands a good chance. Good GRE scores are a boost and can certainly get you an admit inspite of weak academics. But aid might be trickier. Research credentials can make up for bad academics and get you aid.
Who should Apply?
GPA > 3.2 GRE > 1350
GPA > 3.0 GRE > 1300
A good project work or a published paper may get some aid.

Rank 81-99
Universities generally rated LOW. Getting an admit might be much easier but aid is generally a problem as fund availability is less. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering students have a decent chance of getting aid. Funding in other branches might be erratic. Research Credentials may prove to be inconsequential.

Who should Apply?
GPA > 3.0 GRE > 1000
GPA >2.8 GRE > 1100

Rank 100 and Beyond
All Others
Getting an admit should be easy. But expect no funding. You will have to finance yourself.
Ask yourself whether it is worth it?

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