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Is GRE Required? Is it worthwhile to go to a University not insisting on it?

I do not encourage students to go to colleges which are not asking for GRE
1.A college which does not ask for GRE is normally rated low in America.
2. It is difficult to get a USA visa without a GRE score.
Why So?
Some colleges may not demand GRE score from local candidates but they
do ask for it from International students for it helps their decision
process as they are able to compare various academic standards with a
comparable yardstick.
Same is the case with Visa officer. It makes his decision easy and he gets
an easy excuse to grant you a visa. Every visa officer has to ensure that
you are a genuine student and having a GRE score is counted towards that.

Now about some specific problems.
I believe that a student looks for universities not requiring GRE because he has a low score.
What is the purpose of your going abroad, spending
time and money?
Improving your career prospects is or should be your primary purpose.
After spending your money and time do you want to realize that the degree you obtained does not offer you good future prospects.

If after reading this you still want to know the names of colleges not demanding GRE scores please let me know. This information shall be provided to you by email and will cost you some money in order to test your seriousness.
The information about these colleges is readily available with us but is not
divulged in the larger interest of student community for we want them to go
to better colleges.
Good Luck

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9 Responses

  1. I am having low Gre score but then also can u let me know the names of the universitis for MS- CS which do are not in need of GRE or Toefl score.

    OR if u can highlight some of the links where can i find the names of the univ OR how shld i find it out…..Then also it will do.

    Bye love and take care


    The above mentioned is my mail address u can directly send me the links on this mail address.

  2. hey gotta less score in gre . but wann apply based on toefl score .. so is there ny chance of gettin the univs .. nd also wat about visa ?? ny prob occurs there ?? pls telme

  3. While I agree with some part of your comment I do not agree with your opinion. I have completed study in an American school; one that is by no means rated low. Though an international student I was only required to take TOEFL after I got to the school and it did not in any way affect my getting a visa since it was stated clearly on the I-20 that I am not required to have it before coming. Having scored a 3.7/4.0 I am still in search of a school that does not require GRE for my PhD. The whole idea of GRE is vague; it really doesn’t test how knowledgeable you are but how you identify with the American system which I believe can be proven in any other way. In the past insistence on TOEFL has made it impossible to attract very intelligent international students. This explains why some schools waive both especially if you demonstrate an understanding of the language in your application or when you have studied in an American institution.

  4. please provide me by universities not required GRE test

  5. HI! i got low GRE score and that is why i was
    rejected most probably. they suggested me to
    take GRE again which i guess i wont be repeating it again
    I want those universities which either intake students obtaining low GRE-verbal scores or those which waive GRE GRE scores. I dont think anyone can be judged with GRE scores whereas most of the phd is research oriented and i believe every university should focus on his/her talents and skills on performance. i am from biological sciences and i want to study Ms or possibly PHD for more professional skills. I wish you would answer my q queries and will let me know directly to my email id bibubajra@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from u soon. Thank you!

  6. Hi, Could you please send me list of Universities or
    Colleges where do no not require GRE scores for
    graduate Admission
    Best regards,

  7. well guys…how much low ids low?american universities intake international students as low as 850…well if u have obtained less than 850 in GRE don even think about going to an american university.ok good luck

  8. Hi, Could you please send me list of Universities or
    Colleges where do no not require GRE scores for
    post-graduate Admission
    Best regards,

  9. Hi, Could you please send me list of Universities or
    Colleges where do no not require GRE scores for
    graduate Admission
    Best regards,

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