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Why students do not get admission in Ranked Universities or win Scholarships?

Ignoring the information available in Admission Source and other such resources is one of the major reasons many talented students do not get admission to their dream universities and win scholarships. Here are more reasons:

a. Overconfidence
By far the number one reason, students are overconfident and not
realistic in assessing the correct level of competition for admission and financial
Students are not aware of number of scholars who are competing with them.
One look at the acceptance rate of well known universities will show how difficult it is to get
admission and will cure overconfidence in the students.
Believe me it is 100 times more difficult to get financial help than to get admitted.
Students don’t know how to be proactive and aggressive in building themselves into an academic
powerhouse while in high school or studying for their bachelors.

b. Lack of Marketing Skills
Students do not have the knowledge or expertise to build widespread awareness quickly to market their achievements and to personally promote themselves.

c. Leaving it to Internet
”The internet will make it happen.”
If you are studying or working applicant you do not have time to thoroughly research the net.
Even if you have time it is an art to find out the correct and RELEVANT information which one learns from experience.
” Internet is an ocean from where only experienced fishermen can harvest the pearls.”
If your internet research lands you bulk information how will you decide on the best university
which matches your credentials.How do you know that you will not have landed a better university with a better financial help offer.This will leave you highly indecisive.
Indecisiveness that is about all you can expect.
If the purpose of your joining a college is to study and fix up a future career then this is not the right course as you are going to spend precious money, time and effort.
You need to know graduates of which universities land up plump jobs before they graduate from a program.And this information is not easily available from the net.
However if you are applying as an excuse to go to USA then do it.

d. Making Excuses
There are hundreds of excuses to explain why a student didn’t get
admission/financial help.
”We are away from the desirable GPA level”.
”We have low GRE/GMAT scores”
”Analytical Score in GRE is off the mark”
”TOEFL score is below required”
”SOP is not highlighting the strength of your desire to pursue graduate studies”
”Recos are bland”
”lastly your professor contacting is timid”
All or any of these situations can land you into problem and compromise your career goals.
If you feel that you have enough information and can match someone with 50,000 hours of live
experience then try your luck.

e. Solutions
All of these problems are real and repeat themselves with every student trying to get admitted to North American Universities.
These are repeated every semester by every applicant.
And there is a solution. The people at Admission Source believe that the highly motivated student with good GPA, GRE/GMAT scores and
brains-when expertly marketed will overcome any obstacle and meet his or her goal.
The Total plan worked by us for our students sets out a very clear
path for his success.
This is about winning the most exciting “job” you’ll ever have. An
admission/financial help can be worth up to $100,000.
Study with help of Admission Source. It will give you a tremendous
Best Of Luck

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