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How to convert percentage grades to GPA? Part 1

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Converting percentage marks in certain systems to grade point average in the American system is somewhat complicated. In order to convert percentages to gpa, the evaluator must know the grading scale of a particular school. For instance, if the lowest passing grade is 35%, grades above 70% would be rare.

Percentage US Grade Equivalent GPA (approximate)
60-100 A 4.00
55-59 B+ 3.33
50-54 B 3.00
43-49 C+ 2.33
35-42 C 2.00
0-34 F 0.00

Grades which fall at the high or low end of a bracket can be converted to GPA. For instance, a 62% can be viewed as an A- or 3.67; or a 48 or 48% might be viewed as a B- or 2.67 GPA. Since there are different scales of markings available in India , it is up to the evaluator to make the most accurate conversion of percentage to GPA.

I have suggested several times that you should not convert your grades. Submit them with your application as provided by your Institute or College.

This information is given here to help you in the selection of your universities for Applying.

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5 Responses

  1. well what you give here is only one version of conversion. there are lot many which differ with your classification. i will give an example..
    Letter Grade Grade Point Average Percentage
    A+ 4.33 90-100
    A 4.00 85-89
    A- 3.67 80-84
    B+ 3.33 76-79
    B 3.00 72-75
    B- 2.67 68-71
    C+ 2.33 64-67
    C 2.00 60-63
    C- 1.67 55-59
    D 1.00 50-54
    DFT 0.00 49

    so i would really like to know what is the correct conversion

  2. Nikhil
    Read other articles about GPA in the blog.Different interpretations about GPA are given.
    Be aware I have also mentioned that you must not quote your own interpretation of GPA in your application.Let this be done by the school where you are applying.Every school has it’s own experts to do so.
    You will be well adviced to provide to the schools the original version of your grades mentioned in your transcripts.
    This blog carries details about GPA in order to help you select compatible universities where you can apply.
    Good Luck

  3. […] How to convert percentage grades to GPA? Part 1 Posted on July 21, 2006 by admissionsource […]

  4. What is Grade Point Average (GPA)

    Percentage system( 1 to 100) is used to grade a students performance in some countries, similarly, in U.S. Universities use GPA for grades.
    GPA and Percentage – Are they related or equivalent

    Even though both the system evaluates the students performance, they are not the same or its not possible to equate both the grading systems. So, can we calculate gpa from percentage?
    How to Calculate GPA

    Like percentage, Grades will be assigned to student for each course. Grades are A = 4.0; B = 3.0; C = 2.0 ; D = 1.0; F = 0; And for each course based on difficulty level weights will be assigned. Its called Credit Hours.

    Usually Graduate courses in Masters program will have 3 Credit Hours. For our example lets assume all 3 courses have 3 credits each. Lets say at end of the semester, professor assign you following grades

    * Grade B to Course X
    * Grade A to Course Y
    * Grade A to course Z

    GPA is calculated as follows

    Total Grades = Sum of (Grade * Credit Hours) = B*3 + A*3 + A*3 = 3*3+4*3+4*3 =33

    Total Credit Hours = 3+3+3 = 9

    GPA = Total Grades/Total Credit Hours = 23/9 = 3.66

  5. In India a bachelors degree(b.tech) with 75 – 80 % ( on scale of 100 )is considered as good and somewhat a high percentage :) but while calculating GPA it comes out to be around 3.1 which doesn’t fulfill the eligibility of universities in US ( some demand at least 3.25 GPA in bachelors) . are the universities aware about the fact in India student with 75- 80 % in bachelors is among the top students of the college .

    Then how should i fulfill the condition of min. GPA of 3.25 with my 79%

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