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Biotechnology research institutes in USA

1. Biotechnology at Iowa State University

2. Biotechnology at the University of Arizona

3. Biotechnology Program at North Carolina State University

4. Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research

5.Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Plant Biology

6. Center for Agricultural Biotechnology, University of Maryland

7.Center for Engineering Plants for Resistance Against Pathogens, UC Davis

8. Center for Soybean Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering

9. Cereal Genetics and Biotechnology, Oregon State University

10 .Clemson University Genomics Institute

11. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University

12. College of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State University

13. Crop Biotechnology Centre, Texas A&M University

14. Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

15.Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

16. Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Purdue University

17. Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley

18. Department of Plant Biology, Ohio State University

19. Animal Biotechnology Center, University of Minnesota

20. Environmental Biotechnology Institute, University of Idaho

21. Fralin Biotechnology Center at Virginia Tech

22. Georgia Biotechnology Center, University of Georgia

23. Illinois-Missouri Agricultural Biotechnology Alliance

24. Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University

25. Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, University of Florida (USA)

26. Institute for Biotechnology Information

27. Institute for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology

28. Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology, Rockefeller University

29. Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station

30. MSU Biotechnology Institute, Mississippi State University

31. National Agricultural Biotechnology Council

32. National Center for Genome Resources

33. Noble Foundation

34. North Carolina Biotechnology Center

35. The Plant Biotechnology Center, Kansas State University

36. Plant Biotechnology Network, Oklahoma State University

37. Plant Gene Expression Center

38. Plant Genome Initiative at Rutgers

39. Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology, Salk Institute

40. Plant Molecular Biology Center at Northern Illinois University

41. Seed Biotechnology Center, UC Davis

42. Torrey Mesa Research Institute

43. University of Illinois Biotechnology Center

44. University of Nebraska Center for Biotechnology

45. University of Wisconsin – Biotechnology

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