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Application Process

Please keep these points in mind while selecting your universities.

Let me warn you that many universities have a minimum criteria of GPA that means percentage in our case. I have observed that they want at least 3.0 or 60% marks (from Indian candidates). Please do check on this aspect before you apply.However there are many universities which do accept lower percentage.
You will appreciate this if you observe the process of selection.
Every graduate application is scrutinized by the Graduate School and
the department you are applying to.I present below the applications
1.You send the application to a Graduate School. In some cases you
simultaneously send a copy of it to the department you are applying. In
other cases the graduate school forwards the applications meeting the basic criteria observed by them.
Every Graduate school has set up a basic criteria like minimum GPA,
TOEFL and in some cases GRE scores. Candidates meeting these criteria are only considered further by the department. Upto now the selection is very objective as only those applications are passed to the department which statistically meet the norms set by the Graduate School.
2. When the application reaches the department of your choice it is here the subjective angle comes into play provided the department has not set any norms for itself. Let me point out that the department if it has set any minimum criteria it is usually higher than what is required by the Graduate School.
3.Once the application comes through this then the departments
admission committee makes the final decision and it is here that your higher GRE score comes into play.
4. It is here that your RECOS and SOPs make or mar your admission.
Good Luck

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