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About GPA and Class Position

About GPA and Class Position

Some univs encourage converting % to GPA, while some ask to simply report the scores.
In a way, my 63% in B.Engg from Mumbai univ would seem too low against univs from south India where toppers easily score 85% to 90%(contrary to 75% in Mumbai Univ).
Please tell me a solution.

Most of the better Univs. have their own department which converts the marks percentage to GPA according to the norms set by them. For each country they have their own parameters and many good Univs are aware of the anomaly mentioned by you.
Now a solution to your problem. Please find out your position in class or university and get it verified by some authority. You should attach this along with your application. Also a mention of this should be made in your SOP.
I had a few students from Maharashtra and we successfully adopted this strategy.
Good Luck

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2 Responses

  1. i have a low gpa.i recently converted my % to gpa and found it to be around 2.6 which is very less to get into a good university.

    i have taken part in many extra curriculars and also won many compettetions . national level sudoku championship was a finalist in that one .i am in my 3rd yr computer science engineering from vtu(karnataka).will my extra currculars and projects boost my resume and get me into a good engineering school.my gre score is 1590 out of 1600 which is good but i’m worried about my gpa.can you help me with thuis??what are my chances??

  2. First let me congratulate you on a great GRE score.
    Perhaps you have not read my writings about GPA and it’s conversion
    Please do not convert your marks in percentage into a GPA pattern followed by schools in USA. You will not be able to do it correctly.
    Every university has it’s own experts and they would like to do the conversion themselves.
    The articles on GPA in this blog are given to make you aware about the education system of USA. Also it will demonstrate to you in a very approximate manner about the universities compatible to your credentials.
    Generally you must keep the following in mind:
    1.Majority of USA universities expect a minimum score of 60%. This does not mean that there are no schools where >60% is not accepted.
    2. A GRE score is not a substitute for a GPA score. That is if a university has a minimum requirement of a score < 60% than your application will be taken up only if you have a score above 60%.
    3. Although desirable your extra curricular activities not relevant to your studies do not have much mileage.
    Good Luck

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