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Visa Officers Concerns

What does the Visa officer look for while granting a student visa?

The following are his main concerns

1. Are you really going for studies. Are you a serious student?
2.Have you got funds for studies and self maintenance.
3.Are you going to come back.How does one prove this?

Let me answer the above questions and you will get a reply.Let me remind you that it is an American law to assume any visa applicant as a potential immigrant.Thus the visa officer will start with the premises that you are a potential immigrant and it is up to you to prove otherwise.

Now the replies:
You can prove you are a serious student by showing that you have researched the net and then selected 4-6 universities for applying.You have 1-20 from 3-4 universities.You have taken TOEFL / GRE / GMAT/ or SAT as required.Your graduate study shall be an extension of your undergraduate studies. That is you are able to relate your undergraduate interests with the subjects you want to study.If you have corresponded with any American professors and got a favorable reply.

You should be able to prove that you have liquid funds for at least one year. This amount should include your study cost and your maintenance.I personnally feel you should be able to show at least two years funds.In addition your sponsor should be able to show a reasonable annual income. This is a must and many people are denied visa for this ignorance.This income is required to be shown as Visa Officer need to be assured that your sponsor has a running income and in the event of his incurring expences on your studeies he can still survive. If this is not shown then the visa officer will assume that your showing the funds in the bank is just an eye wash and the funds shall not be available to you.

The visa officer needs to be convinced that you are coming back after studies.I know that this is just a hogwash as most of the Asians do not come back. I also know that the visa officer is intelligent enough to be aware of this. Nevertheless it is his law and he has to work within it.To prove that you are coming back you have to show:Your family – Parents, siblings, grand parents are living in your home country.Your parents are well to do and have a flourashing business or they are working in a good reputed organisation.You have good propeties or real estate in your home country and you are likely to inherit it.Your parents need you to join them because of business matters or because of old age.The study for which you are going is in demand in your home country.The above are some of the factors which you should be aware of while going for a visa.

Lastly let me remind you that:
1. Honesty is the best policy try giving honest answers.
2.Be confident. Do not be afraid.Answer confidentaly

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