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Dear NBS
It was a wonderful experience being a part of the group.Your advices have been very educative and practical. I have kept a copy of all the informative emails that you had mailed in the group.I had GRE 1240- math 800, verbal 440 and analytical 4.5. Toefl 290/300, writing 6/6. I had applied to six universities including University of Mississippi, University of Houston, NJIT, Wayne State University, Lamar and CSU, Sacramento. I got admission in all except CSU, which was pending till the last time I checked the status.I got Visa to US and came here to University of Mississippi.It’s been a wonderful experience having worked on a dream and its coming true. It’s really an altogether different country. Once one reaches here, he will realize the amounts of oppertunities are endless. It’s more upon your personal motivation where do you want to go.For new people I would suggest few things:1. Stop getting spoon fed. Use your mind more rather than asking stupid questions like “what’s the scope after MS?” No one has the answer and no one has the time to. But if you have a question which has something really worth, no one will ignore your email. Americans love to help, but to people with common sense!2. Do not predetermine of how Americans are. Once you reach here, most people you find will be wonderful, just plain and single faced. its just that everyone’s life is so busy, that no one’s got the time to sit and chat long hours. Maybe that’s y people consider them cold!!!3. Get into American University and world is your platform. Whatever people may boast about IIT’s and speak nationalist slogans, just know, you can get the good IIT’s and programming machines in India, here you realize what university life is. Anyone has some question, specific on any subject or about my university, please feel free to ask. I do not promise an answer though, it depends how much time I’m able to spare out of schedule, but if it’s really something urgent you’ll get a reply for sure.And last, take advice from Mr. NB SINGH.
He’s a great guy and always know what’s he is talking. And trust me, very less people can help you like he can.Thank you again Mr. Singh for sparing time to write to me.
Arvinder Singh Kang
University of MississippiOxford,
MS 38677USA

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