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SCHOOLS THAT REQUIRE OR RECOMMEND Computer Science Subject Test – Part 1

The University says that the subject GRE is optional; should I take it anyway?

The answer is: It depends. If you do really, really well, then it’s clearly a plus. If your background is from a school that’s either
(1) not in the same country as the one you’re applying to
(2) not well known
(3) doesn’t have a great reputation, the subject test is going to matter more.
Basically it’s a way of calibrating what you know. However, unless you do really
poorly, it probably won’t hurt. When in doubt, take a practice test. If you
do well, take it for real. If it’s optional, and you do poorly on the
practice test, don’t take it for real.

Please check the university web sites carefully before you decide to apply.You may assume. In case subject GRE is not required for PhD, it will not be required for
In case subject GRE recommended for PhD, you can conclude that it might not be
required for masters

MIT and Purdue do not ask for GRE scores .However I still feel the scores should be sent to them to make your application strong.


Carnegie Mellon Univ.(PA)


The GRE subject test is optional for those applicants to the PhD programs in Computer Science, Computational and Statistical Learning, Robotics, Computation Organizations and Society, and Neural Basis of Cognition. Recommendations for programs are as follows:
Applicants to HCI with an emphasis in Human Science or Computer Science must take a subject test from the area that best matches their background. (For example, HCI applicants with a psychology background should take the psychology subject test. HCI applicants with a computer science emphasis should take the computer science subject test, etc.) HCI applicants with a design emphasis are not required to submit a GRE Subject Test.
It is recommended that applicants to The Language and Information Technologies program submit a subject test.
The Software Engineering program highly recommends, but does not require, a subject test.
The Computation, Organizations and Society program allows students in the management area to substitute the GMAT scores for the GRE scores.

Master of Science Software Engineering

All applicants MUST take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test

Ph.D. program in Computation, Organization and Society (COS)

The GRE computer science subject test is not required, although your
application may become stronger by including it.

PhD Program in Computational and Statistical Learning

Do I have to take a GRE Subject test?
While it is recommended and may improve your chances of being accepted, it
is not required.



Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What tests are necessary for applying to EECS?

The only test that is necessary is the TOEFL test for international students. We DO NOT use any of the GRE test scores


Stanford Univ. (CA)
Computer Science Department
It is highly recommended, although not required, for Ph.D. applicants to take the Computer Science Subject Test. Scores from a Subject Test in Engineering, Mathematics or Physics also may be submitted.

Note: For those applicants who have taken the GRE Subject test and are expecting the score reports after the deadline for submitting the application and supporting documents, please note that while we will do our best to include it in your folder as and when we receive it, we will be unable to guarantee their inclusion for the entire review process.

The Subject GRE test is not required when applying to the Master’s program.


Univ.of California-Berkeley
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

The GRE General Test is required of all applicants. In addition, Computer Science applicants are strongly encouraged to take one of the following GRE Subject tests: Computer Science (C29), Math (M67), or Physics (P77). Most successful Computer Science applicants took the GRE Computer Science Subject test and scored above 90%. For Fall 2004 we had 2500 applications for 80 slots.


University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Applicants to the Ph.D. program are strongly encouraged but are not required to submit a score for the GRE (Advanced) Computer Science Test. If their background is in mathematics, science, or engineering, they may submit an advanced GRE test score from that area.


Cornell Univ (NY)


The Computer Science Department requires a GRE subject test for PhD
admission, preferably the CS test. A subject test in another science area is
also accepted, particularly if the applicant’s undergraduate background is
in a non-CS field.


GRE test results for the general test The subject test in Computer Science
is highly optional–recommended for applicants who did not major in CS
(Cornell undergraduates are not required to take GRE’s).


Univ. of Texas-Austin

All applicants (for either the Ph.D. or Masters degree) should submit the
Computer Science Subject Test (AGRE), although applicants who have degrees
in related fields and who have already taken the subject test in their field
may substitute that score. However, the CS test is strongly preferred over
any other subject.

Rank 7

Univ. of Washington

Computer Science
A GRE Subject Test is recommended but not required (may be taken in computer
science, mathematics, engineering, physics, etc.)


Princeton University

Is the subject GRE also required?Yes. The subject GRE should be taken in the field of your major. We consider
this score important for comparing applicants from a wide range of
educational institutions. If there is no subject test given in your
undergraduate major area, include a statement to that effect with your

All materials must reach us by the deadline. The only exception is for
scores on the subject GRE.


California Institute of Technology

Must I take the GRE? Yes. GRE scores are required, with a subject test of
the student’s choice strongly recommended. It is strongly recommended that
applicants take the GRE in October to allow enough time for Caltech to
receive the scores by January.

GRE scores are required, with a subject test of your choice strongly


Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Am I required to take the Subject GRE test, also known as the Advanced GRE?

We do not require a Subject test.

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